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04/25/2004 - 05/02/2004

Friday, April 30, 2004

Alifa Enterprise
"cultivate knowledge at your environment"

provides services with varieties of programmes which has one goals : spread and sharing the knowledge to ease your life!

As a medium for information professional, Alifa Enterprise serves you with :
1. The learning and information services: giving consultation in building information center/resource center/knowledge center and all of its aspect. This include giving training in information management/knowledge management area. In the future, this activities is not limited to this subject, but also in communication and office management.

2. The publishing: at this moment we publish range of books from literature, communications, both traditional and digital platform, creative activities for youth, knowledge management/content management/information management, writing business, and relegious books. All in Bahasa Indonesia with audience from young to expert knowledge seeker.

3. The publication and distribution: in a way helping information / library assistant and also personal finding their resources, we try to be an agent to provide books/reports and mostly journals as per your request in digital or print out form with competitive price and in rupiah to make easier transaction.

4. The internship service: giving internship consultation in Indonesia. We cooperate with both the companies and the students (and the school, certainly) to help in going through internship program effectively and enjoyable

All services run in effecient and fast manner. As we all know, the publications and knowledge is easy to expire.

To get to know more about us, please go to the link above, or dont hesitate to contact us and joint the mailing list (see the option links).

Meet you there !

Alifa at 10:19 PM


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